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Thursday January 4th, 2018



Minutes of the Special Board Meeting of the President and Board of Trustees for the Village of Stanford, held at Village Hall @ 7:00pm.

I.                   ROLL CALL:

Present: 4– President Jeremiah Pitcher, Trustees Lisa Eidenmiller, Homer Smith, and Normadee Miller.

Absent: 2- Trustees Homer Smith and Nydra Owen

Also Present: Treasurer Scott Eidenmiller, Sergeant Bill Patrick, Officer Jimmy Scott and Chief of Police Dustin Carter.

II.               POLICE:

  • Chief of Police Carter reported the following to the board:


  • Chief Carter presented the trustees with a police reported dated 11/16/17-12/21/17.


  • Chief Carter was approached at Good Old Days by an individual with a 2016 Ford Explorer that is equipped for a police squad car. The car has 16,000 miles on the car, the person owes $20,020.00 on the vehicle and it books at $28,000.00. The individual is asking for the owed amount to be paid. This would be the Chief car and would be kept at his home. Most McLean County police Chiefs have a squad they can drive home. Chief Carter is going to look into grants to equip and the car will be unmarked. Treasurer Eidenmiller discussed the payment for the car. We have enough in the accounts to cover the payment and President Pitcher and the trustees would not like to get a loan for the car. Village insurance will cover the car and if anything happens to the car beyond village use Chief Carters personal liability insurance will cover the car. The car still has great tires and is in excellent condition.


    President Pitcher moved, seconded by Trustee Eidenmiller to approve the purchase of the 2016 Ford Explorer squad car as Chiefs cars in the amount of $20,020.00.


    On roll call, the vote was:


    AYES: 4- President Pitcher, Trustees Eidenmiller, Scott and Miller.


    NAYS: 0


    ABSENT: - Trustees Smith and N. Owen


    There being 4 affirmative votes the motion carried.



    All other agenda items have been tabled at this time.





President Pitcher moved, seconded by Trustee Miller to adjourn at 8:00pm.

All in favor, AYE.    


Recorded and prepared by Clerk Megan Phillips

**Meeting minutes are prepared by order of the agenda, not the order of the meeting.