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Stanford Swimming Pool

Opening Day- Saturday May 26th, 2018


Passes and Lessons will be sold and advanced at reduced prices through May 27th after May 27th the full price will take effect-no exceptions.

All returned checks will be subject to a $40 fee.

Season Passes:                                                     Advanced Rate                                                                                            Full Rate

Allin Township Residents:

Individual                                                                     $65                                                                                                                $75

Family (up to 4)                                                           $80                                                                                                                $90

Each member over 4                                                  $35                                                                                                                $40


Out-of-Town Residents:

Individual                                                                     $70                                                                                                                $80

Family (up to 4)                                                           $90                                                                                                                $100

Each member over 4                                                  $40                                                                                                                $45


Note: Family passes are to include the immediate family in the same household.


Two week course- (each child)

Township Resident                                                      $45                                                                                                                $55

Out of Township                                                           $50                                                                                                               $60


Hours of Operation:

12:00 PM-8:00 PM         

                                                     Pool Parties: 10 AM-NOON OR 8PM-10PM                                                                                                    

Daily rates:

Day Swim                         $4                   12 PM -8 PM

Evening swim                  $3                    5 PM-8 PM

Pool parties                     $55 for a party of 25 swimmers ($25 for each set of additional 10 swimmers)


Mail payments to: Allin Township Park District

PO Box 332, Stanford, IL 61774 

Questions: Marcia Behm 309-706-2381 or Mackenzie Phillips 309-532-9377


Lesson dates: please check your preference 1, 2 or 3:

_____Unit 1: 6/4 – 6/15    _____Unit 2: 6/18– 6/29      _____Unit 3: 7/9– 7/20

Sessions times: Please circle your preference

  Session 1: 10 AM-10:45 AM   Session 2: 11 AM-11:45 AM


Please print clearly

Parent/Guardian Name: _________________________________

Phone: _________________________

E-mail: ________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________ City/State/Zip: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Names on Passes: ___________________________________________________________________________________


Names and Ages on Lessons: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Other information that could be useful to staff: ___________________________________________________________________________________