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Thursday April 2nd, 2015



Minutes of the Special Board Meeting of the President and Board of Trustees for the Village of Stanford, held at Village Hall @ 6:00PM.

I.                   ROLL CALL:

Present: 7 – President John Owen, Trustees Jim Bridgewater, Nydra Owen, Jeremiah Pitcher, Normadee Miller, Lou Trunnell and Homer Smith.

Absent: 0

Also present: Officer Loren LaMar

II.               NEW BUSINESS:

  • The Board discussed the employee compensation for the 2015 fiscal year. The Board discussed the projected raises either being a 3% raise or a flat rate raise of .50. The Board would like to give the Police Chief a raise of a $1.00 an hour. Street superintendent Michael Boitnott raise was already approved with his contract. Treasurer Scott Eidenmiller requested that he did not receive a raise this year.


    Trustee N.Owen moved, seconded by Trustee Bridgewater to approve the 2015 employee compensation, all part-time officers are to receive a .50 raise, the police chief is to receive a 1.00 an hour raise, the clerk/collector and water operator are to receive a .50 an hour raise.


    On roll call, the vote was:


    AYES: 6- Trustees Bridgewater, N.Owen, Smith, Trunnell, Pitcher and Miller.


    NAYS- 0


    ABSENT: 0


    There being 6 affirmative votes the motion carried.


  • The Board of Trustee discussed purchasing the new maintenance building to be constructed on the Village’s lot on Main Street. The building will be purchased from Menards and the dimensions are 50x104. The Board reviewed the building blue prints. The cost of the building will be $61,147.03. The Board would like to use the funds in the farm land account to purchase the building.


    Trustee N. Owen moved, seconded by Trustee Trunnell to purchase the building materials package from Menards not to exceed $70,000.00, the funds to purchase the building to be taken from the farm land account.



    On roll call, the vote was:


    AYES: 6- Trustees Bridgewater, N. Owen, Smith, Trunnell, Pitcher and Miller.


    NAYS- 0


    ABSENT: 0.


    There being 6 affirmative votes the motion carried.



III:      MOTION TO ADJOURN @ 6:18pm


There being no further business to discuss, Trustee Pitcher moved, seconded by Trustee N .Owen, to adjourn @6:18pm.

All in favor, AYE.

            Prepared by: Megan Phillips, Clerk/Collector