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Thursday February 7, 2013


Minutes of the Special Board Meeting of the Acting President and Board of Trustees for the Village of Stanford, held at the Village Hall at 7:00pm.

•I.                   ROLL CALL:

Present:  6 - Acting President John Owen, Trustees Homer Smith, Jim Bridgewater, Loren Lamar, Jeremiah Pitcher and Nydra Owen.

Absent: 0

Also present: Treasurer Scott Eidenmiller and Chief Ed Petrey

•II.               New Business:

Budget Workshop Meeting

  • Acting President John Owen and The Board of Trustees met with Treasurer Eidenmiller and Clerk/Collector Phillips to review the Village's expenses. Treasurer Eidenmiller provided the Board with Profit and Loss reports dated; May 2011 thru April 2012 and May 2012 to the current date. The Board review and discussed the reports. Clerk/Collector Phillips will run individual reports for each committee chair, and further meeting are to be scheduled. Acting President Owen asked for Treasurer Eidenmiller to work with the water committee first on their budget. Treasurer Eidenmiller and Trustee N. Owen will schedule a time to meet with Water Operator Brad Bode and Village Maintenance Supervisor Mike Boitnott to discuss the budget. Acting President John Owen has asked Treasurer Eidenmiller to work with Trustee N. Owen and Mike Boitnott to create a twenty year maintenance plan for the water plant.
  • Acting President Owen and Chief Petrey discussed with the Board the possibility of leasing a new squad car for the Police Department. Treasurer Eidenmiller will check with Attorney Mark McGrath about lease and levy for a squad car. Treasurer Eidenmiller is also going to check with Attorney McGrath about a lease and levy for a new Village Maintenance truck.
  • Acting President Owen would like to start working on appropriations at March's regular meeting, and ready to be voted on by June 1st, 2013.
  • Acting President discussed with the Board of Trustees the lots the Village has for sale in the Olympia Estates subdivision. Acting President Owen would like to consider hiring a new realtor to list the properties. Acting President Owen discussed the incentives for the listing realtor. Acting President Owen believes the current rate for the listing realtor is around 6%. Acting President Owen suggested that maybe the Village offer the listing realtor 8% or 10%. This will be tabled until the February regular meeting.
  • Acting President Owen informed the Board that he has been approached by an individual that may have interested in building a gas station in the Village, but is interested in the lots at Olympia Estates.
  • Acting President discussed the bank building with the Board of Trustees. Morton Community Bank offered the Village the vacant bank building in trade of all the lots listed for sale at Olympia Estates Subdivision, and the 15 acres of farm land the Village has set aside for the sewer lagoon future project. They would like to lease the ATM area at the building for $1,000.00 and month for 6 years to the Village. This matter will be tabled until the February meeting.
  • Acting President Owen has contacted Attorney Pat McGrath on the bidding process for a new building.

There being no further business to discuss, Acting President John Owen moved, seconded by Trustee Bridgewater, to adjourn at 8:07pm.

All in favor, AYE.       


Prepared by:

 Megan Phillips, Clerk/Collector