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Wednesday October 24, 2012



Minutes of the Special Board Meeting of the Acting President and Board of Trustees for the Village of Stanford, held at the Allin Township Community Building at 6:30PM.

•I.                   ROLL CALL:

Present:  5 - Acting President John Owen, Trustees Jim Bridgewater, Jeremiah Pitcher, Nydra Owen, and Homer Smith.

Absent: 0

Also present: Chief Ed Petrey, Attorney Mark McGrath, Kelly Casali and Jamie Neville.


  • Attorney Mark McGrath distributed and explained the rules of the public hearing to the residents that attended the meeting. Attorney McGrath asked that based upon the rules noted, comments to be limited to 5 minutes.
  • Acting President John Owen stated that the Board has been approached by Village residents in regards to starting a recycling program for the Village. If the referendum passes the Village will open for bids from disposal companies.
  • Jamie Neville- owner of Neville Trucking in Mackinaw, and is a current disposal provider for the Village of Stanford went on to explain the reasons the residents of the Village should not vote yes on this referendum. Mr. Neville explained the letter that he sent to the Village residents. Mr. Neville is concerned about the residents losing their freedom of choice and the Village could open its self-up to lawsuits. Mr. Neville also is concerned about the extra work this would make for the Village Clerk.
  • Kelly Casali- Casali & Son's Disposal Service is a company interested in serving the Village of Stanford. Mr. Casali currently serves 5 municipalities, the Village of Danvers being one of them. Mr. Casali offers curb side recycling once or twice a month, the same day as garbage pick-up. Mr. Casali does not require the purchase of special recycling bins for at home pick-up, would just ask residents to use a rubber made tub or trash can.
  • Charles Clark- stated that he would like to see the trash service stay the same. He is afraid that the complaints regarding the garbage service may not be answered if we change trash service.
  • Michelle Mollett- Has been with the same company for years and has only had one complaint that was resolved. Michelle likes the recycling, but does not feel that the Village should bill for the garbage.
  • Jamie Neville- talking about recycling services, and that he talked to Marty Davis with Mid-land Davis in Pekin, and the services they provide in regards to recycling.
  • Dorothy Beaty- Is wondering what the cost per month per household Casali is offering? Ms. Beaty stated that she is happy with the current service.
  • Attorney McGrath stated that if the referendum passes the disposal contract will be open for bids.
  • Kelly Casali- Estimated the cost per household would be around $13 a month. He explained why roll off recycling bins that many communities had do not work due to the containers being contaminated with non-recyclable material. Mr. Casali went on to explain that he just renewed his contract with the Village of Danvers for five years. Mr. Casali explained that his contract cost for Danvers will stay the same. There will be no price increase, even if the cost of fuel or disposal rises.
  • Ada Jane Clark- She is happy with the current service she is receiving. Ms. Clark is afraid this will increase the resident's taxes.
  • Michelle Mollett- Is questioning if there would be any added costs or fee for the extra paper work that would be involved for adding the trash service to the water billing?
  • Attorney Mark McGrath stated that no tax payer's money would be used to supplement garbage and refuse collection.
  • Nancy Evans- She likes the garbage service that she currently has, and doesn't feel that the Village should take this on.
  • Attorney Mark McGrath stated that the Village Clerk in Danvers doesn't do any extra work for the trash service being billed on the water bill, and the trash complaints are still handled by the trash service provider.


There being no further business to discuss, Acting President John Owen moved, seconded by Trustee Bridgewater, to adjourn.

All in favor.  AYE.      

Prepared by:

Megan Phillips

Village Clerk/Collector