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Saturday September 8, 2012


Minutes of the Special Board Meeting of the Acting President and Board of Trustees for the Village of Stanford, held at the Village Hall at 10:00am.

•I.                   ROLL CALL:

Present:  3 - Acting President John Owen, Trustees Jim Bridgewater, and Nydra Owen.

Absent: 2 - Trustees Homer Smith and Jeremiah Pitcher

Also present: Realtor Greg Lee and Frank Buffone (client)

•II.               NEW BUSINESS:

            Realtor Greg Lee has a client Frank Buffone who is interested in purchasing three of the lots in Olympia Estates sub-division, lots 1-3. Trustee Bridgewater explained the rebates from Ameren for the utilities. In order for the Village to receive the rebates the lots must be developed by 2017. Mr. Buffone wanted to know if he purchased three of the lots and he builds on all three of the lots if the rebate would still valid. Trustee Bridgewater explained that the rebates are good for one house and one meter, and will check for more details for Mr. Buffone. Trustee Bridgewater believes the rebates will be roughly in the amount of the work order for each lot. Trustee Bridgewater and Realtor Greg Lee are going to work with Ameren to clarify the rebates.

Mr. Buffone explained that he is interested in purchasing three of the lots, developing one of the lots as soon as possible. Mr. Buffone parents may build on one of the lots and use the other lot for an out-building. Mr. Buffone inquired if he could have the farmer continue farming two of the lots until he was ready to develop the lots. The Board advised Mr. Buffone that the current home at Olympia Estates sub-division does cash rent a part of their lot to the farmers. 

Acting President John Owen and the Trustees of the Board discussed the protective covenants for Olympia Estates Sub-division. Acting President John Owen spoke with the Trustees about some possible changes that may need to be made to the covenants. Discussion and the approval of the changes will be table.

III:      MOTION TO ADJOURN @ 11:15am:

There being no further business to discuss, Acting President John Owen moved, seconded by Trustee Bridgewater, to adjourn.

All in favor,  AYE.      


Prepared by: Megan Phillips, Clerk/Collector