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The following Veteran’s have a

brick placed in their honor at the

Veteran’s Memorial Park:

Marion Nafziger                           H.W. Bob Taylor

Doug G. Reeves                               Ralph Orr

  David Pippen                             W.M. Bill Lane

Mel Bossingham                          Dave Bossingham

O. Jean Mehl                             Harry L. Mehl

Magnus R. Mehl                       George A. Mehl

 Dolores Gaither                             Walter Ohler

  Robert Beaty                             Mark A. Beaty

Homer Glen Orr                     Robert C. Emberton

Warren Haning                          Donald Gottschalk

  Greg Haning                            John K. Haning

Gary J. Freese                        Kenneth L. Dubbelde

Karl S. Dubbelde                        Dayton Frahm

Chester Frahm                           Garth McDermott

Harold Gaither                            Joe Gossmeyer

Homer D. Babbs                        Robert Babbs

George Middleton                       Merle Martens

 D. D. Deterts                         Scott Brand Jr.

Chuck Clark


Order forms are still available at the Village Hall for anyone who would like to honor a Veteran by placing their brick in our Park.

Bricks may be purchased for $50/each for the spring placing.