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Cataloging and Indexing of Public Records

for the Village of Stanford


Type :

(1) Financial

(a) appropriations; (b) audit; (c) bills; (d) receipts of revenue; (e) vouchers; (f) cancelled checks; (h) water bills; (i) sewer project revenue; (j) receipts of fines; (k) sales tax receipts; (l) real estate tax receipts; (m) liquor license fees; (n) coin operated machine license fees; (o) other license fees; (p) building permit fees; (q) ordinance violation (r) grants (s) facility charge revenue (t) Motor Fuel Tax revenue/expenditures (u) salary schedules (v) utility payments (telephone, electric, etc).

(2) Building Permits

(a) zoning variances; (b) County sewer approval; (c) applications.

(3) Board Minutes

(4) Board Resolutions

(5) Board Ordinances

(6) Stanford Municipal Code

(7) Zoning Board Minutes

(8) Personnel

(a) procedures; (b) personnel code.

(9) Insurance

(10) Nuisance violations

(11) Attorney Correspondence

(12) Licenses

(a) liquor license; (b) coin operated machine license; (c) golf cart/off road vehicle license (d) peddler permit applications.

(13) Capital Equipment

(14) Village Property

(15) Village maps

(16) Certificate of Publication

(17) Census

(18) Elections

(19) Contracts

(20) Motor Fuel Tax

(a) bids; (b) awards for bidding.

(21) Village Vehicles

(22) Worker’s compensation records

(23) Police Department records

(24) Water

(25) State agencies correspondence

(a) Il Dept of Commerce/Economic Opportunity; (b) Il Environmental Protection Agency;

(c) Il Dept of Revenue; (d) Il Dept of Transportation; (e) Il Dept of Natural Resources;

(26) Liens

(27) Grant agreements

(28) Employment agreements

(29) Intergovernmental agreements