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Village of Stanford

The Village of Stanford is a municipality incorporated and organized under the laws of the State of Illinois for the purpose of providing its residents with the following services:

A. Police protection.

B. Water service.

C. Drainage.

D. Street/Public Works.

E. Zoning.

The Village of Stanford has certain functional subdivisions which are shown on Table 1 attached hereto. There is no operation budget for the Village. The total appropriations for the Village of Stanford is listed in Ordinance 07-12 is: $1,164,050.00. The Village’s sole office is located at 100 W. Boundary in Stanford, and the Village also has a water treatment plant located at 102 W. Boundary in Stanford. The Village currently employees 1 full time employee and 5 part-time employees. The members of the boards, commissions and committees of the Village of Stanford are as follows:

Board:                                  Member:                                        Title

Village Board                        John Owen                         Village President/Police Chair 

Village Board                        Jim Bridgewater                  Trustee/Comm.Development 

Village Board                        Nydra Owen                        Trustee/Water Chair

Village Board                        Jeremiah Pitcher                 Trustee/Drainage Chair

Village Board                        Loren Lamar                       Trustee/ Health,Beautification and Welfare, Chair 

Village Board                        Homer Smith                     Trustee/Streets, Chair

Zoning Board                     Jeremiah Pitcher  

Zoning Board                     Joe Gaither  

Zoning Board                     John Beanblossom

Zoning Board                     Gary Williams

Zoning Board                     Josh Phillips
Zoning Board                     Loren Lamar